About CherJ


Born in 1959.  (Yipes!  She’s old!)balloons_VTPatek Philippe Replica
Replica Patek Philippe
Patek Philippe Copy

has a useless degree in Sociology.  A hundred thousand apologies to Dr. Ryken who begged me to change my major to English Lit.  He was right!  Sigh.

Hubby and she are first and foremost, music lovers.  Hubby is currently teaching her 12 bar blues so she can jam her new strapon keyboard with his slide guitar licks.  They currently play out in a band at least once a week.  She writes 2 to 8 hours a day.  Pretty much addicted.

She has two kids:  Son, and Daughter who amaze and delight her on a regular basis.

She loves Jesus, Heavy Metal, Screamo and sometimes Pop, playing games, especially Skip-Bo and Wii Bowling and Wii Just Dance3!

She suffers from RA and degenerative arthritis.  Has gone gluten free and no longer needs her RA meds.  Yay!

Enough said for now.